Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Big Day

Finally my big day is coming, WEDDING DAY.

got some strange feeling, now is couple life. What will be my future life? Work and Relaxeee.

On the bachelor night, expecting alot lots of guest to visit me and family. Im very thankful to my parents, aunties and cousins, they have give a lots of help to me especially my aunty, who has become my caterer of the food, she is Great! can cook so much.

For myself, I'm getting ready for my own beauty, manicure, padicure, face treatment, hairdo. Make myself looks presentable and pretty bride.

Hope all of the attendance will enjoy for the dinner!


Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My Greater Cousin

Learn from my cousin, mommy of 2 angels and starting to write a blog......everyday i been reading her blog happily, now is my turn to try this.

I learn a lot from her, she is so Great to me! Remember those day before married, we have fun together, working, shopping, eating !

Now she got her own familly and two little ANGELS.....cutie cutie. Erika and Ellisa .